Custom css in BL 4

Hi, are there any changes in css code of BL 4?

When I upgraded from BL 2 to BL 3 (or BL 1 to BL 2) I had to do a lot of corrections in my custom.css file.

Happens this again when I upgrade to BL 4?.


no changes, the Pangolin structure is the same.
There is a new module (Pangolin Journal) and the new metadata panel for large photos in Pangolin Album.
And the album Publication Date that can be displayed.
Selectors for all of those are easy enough to find with the browser inspector though.

OK, but I don’t understand - what is the advantage of the new version? I don’t intend to change my website and the galleries. I cannot see engraving news, or I didn’t understand or overlook something.


If you don’t need or want the new features or improvements then, for you, there may be no reason to upgrade.

The newsletter and blog cover the feature additions as they currently stand, so you should choose to upgrade if you find those features compelling, or if you’d like to pitch us another year of financial support to continue working on the product.

There will also be new features coming in updates throughout the Backlight 4 cycle, just as in previous cycles. For example, we added a ton of new features in the 3.1 and 3.2 updates during the Backlight 3 cycle.

If you’re not convinced, then don’t upgrade, and keep on using the version you have.

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Your right Matt, of course I will do financial support for Backlight in the future.
It was only a question.


Good news :grinning:

Just purchased Backlight 4, upgrade with my webside no problems.

But on my NAS (test environment) upgrade to Backlight 4 not possible.



@Ben will need to advise on your NAS. I have no idea how that works.

Thanks for purchasing the upgrade. We appreciate it.

NAS is fixed. You have sent me the solution in 2019, where I have had the same issue.


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Hi @Rainer_Goergen, that’s great. Out of interest, what was the issue and resolution?

Your website/backlight/admin/set_order_details/

Login as Admin, use your correct order e-mail and order-ID.

Then it works.
I have changed my e-mail adress 2 years ago. When I used the actual order-IDs on my NAS like above, all worked fine.


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