Customizing Content Areas

I may be slow, but I can’t find out how to customize content areas. In particular, I want to be able to have a content area (“Main Copy”) above the grid, the grid, and then a second content area below the grid. I.e., content areas that are not “columns” but sections that span the entire horizontal area of the screen. In my album page template, I have the main copy section “above the gallery” but there is no similar setting for Pallet 01 and 02.

Here’s how:

Thank you, Rod! The first place I looked was your page, but some how I missed that. Appreciate it.

Quick question…reading your tip, I think I put the before text and the after text in the “Main Copy” content area, but in separate

's, right?

Again, thanks. Now that I read it, it’s so simple…

put it all in the main content area, with the text you want to move in its own div with the appropriate class.
You don’t need a ‘before-text’ and an ‘after-text’ div. Use one or the other depending on the content location settings in the album.

I have content location set to before. Thanks. This helps a lot.