Daniel Leu | Photography, upgraded to Backlight 3

With the upgrade to Backlight 3, I took the time to refresh my site a bit. One of the most obvious changes is the switch to a dark theme:

Summary of customizations

  • Dark theme
  • Updated Backlight search page to include blog search results
  • Separate tabs for photos, albums and blog search results
  • Added logo in top palette that is revealed upon scrolling
  • Added breadcrumbs to all non album and album-set pages (How to link)
  • Custom footer with links to latest blog posts (How to link)
  • Modified menu to show sub-menu when page is on a sub-menu
  • Custom slideshow on Backlight gallery pages so I can have the regular gallery view with a little slideshow to provide more content (Example, how to link)
  • Customized single-page view (Example)
  • Keyboard support on single-page view (How to link)
  • Jump to top link in top palette

All this and more at DanielLeu.com.

Coming soon, or eventually :wink:

  • Use Backlight gallery images in blog posts including buy button
  • Theme switching

All my customization use the phplugins API, custom CSS, and/or javascript. Over on lab.danielleu.com I post regularly about Backlight customizations. Follow my dedicated RSS feed for the latests posts.

If there is a subject you’d like to be addressed, please let me know.

Cheers, Daniel

Backlight Tips&Tricks: lab.DanielLeu.com
:camera: DanielLeu.com | @danielleuphoto


Truly great looking site! Love the discreet vertical navigation and the dark theme really enhances the colours on your images. Bravo! Being working on mine for a few years now and looking at DanielLeu.com is an inspiration.


Thank you for your kind words, Pièrre!