Deleting a symbol in a template


A small detail, not very important but which annoys me !

Go to any page on my site (for example: "Petits tableaux divers " Patrick Vollat Photographies) then click on the link to a gallery (for example, the first: “Faux rêves”).
A TTG page appears with :
. << in title containing a link back to the html page of my site (slightly diverted use of Page Template) OK
. The title of the gallery “Faux rêves” followed by a gray chevron directed downwards (a kind of V) THAT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE DISAPPEAR!

Here is my problem: how to make this symbol disappear!?
It must probably be necessary to delete a line of code somewhere in a file linked to the album template, but where!?

If someone has an idea …

Thanks in advance

You need to use custom css.
That “title” is actually the breadcrumb. To remove the down arrow, try adding this to your custom css file:

ul.breadcrumbs li:last-child::after {
  display: none;

Thank you very much for your help.
I added what you told me in my custom.css .
For now, the V symbol has not disappeared.
But thanks again; It’s very nice of you to look into this little problem!


By analyzing the codes of the pages concerned and drawing inspiration from your precious indications, I found the solution!

It is a subclass and we have to write:

ul.breadcrumbs li.fa_pseudo:last-child::after {
display: none;

Thank you very very much for your cooperation, you’ve been a great help !!

Glad you got it to work. Not sure why the other way didn’t work. In the inspector, I pasted it into your custom css and it did the job.