Difference in menu structure Pangolin & Kookaburra


I have a question about Backlight’s menu structure. I see a difference in the standard Pangolin version and the Kookaburra version.
In the Pangolin version it goes well, in picture 1 you can see that the menu structure folds out nicely (Galleries - Airshow Aviation Photography by Henk Tito see menu > Photo Galleries).

Photo 2 is the same however totally different, this is the same menu structure but in Kookaburra (1 - Airshow Aviation Photography by Henk Tito)

I’am using BL 5.4.1

Any ideas?

Kookaburra is focused on keyboard accessibility, and the simple fact is that menus such as you have shown in Pangolin are a keyboard-accessibility nightmare. And actually, a mouse-accessibility nightmare as well, for people with motor impairments, and even for people without any impairments whatsoever (I personally see a menu like that, and I don’t want to engage with it). Dropdown menus in Kookaburra are supported to a depth of one. This is intentional, and meant to discourage exactly what you’re showing from Pangolin.

It is a far better experience, both for navigation and for readability, to click into the album set to find an album, rather than to drill through a complex network of drop-down menus.