Digital downloads


I am selling both digital and physical products in my webshop
In both cases I do not want to use paypal so this is disabled.
For digital downloads somehow there is a option activated where the customer will instant get a pending download message and link. I want to have this removed?
I am using a manual self made system to reply to a customer with a payment link and also a seld designed download page.
So what I am looking for is a digital download section just for the customer to select it thats all.

The message I see is like:
Pending receipt of payment, your digital purchases can be downloaded from the following link:

You can put a test order in if you like

I believe that by just creating a Digital Download product type and including it in a pricing scheme, the Cart’s digital download feature is used. So I don’t think there’s any way to disable the feature.

You could, however, create a physical product and name it “Download” or some such. Your clients would click on the cart icon and be presented with the option of choosing Print or Download. Choosing either would then present the options for each.

Here’s a test album illustrating the idea. First choose the Product and then the options (sizes):

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Ah I see. There was a small advantage using digital download. Would be awesome to see a different integration besides Paypal *(Ideal for example)