Disabling RSS feed - removing RSS data

I’ve decided RSS feed is not something I want to do.

If I disable the RSS feed from settings, should I expect it will remove existing RSS data that was generated?

If not, how would I remove the feed data from the site? Or what files would I delete?

Does this reference in a gallery page remain if I republish the galleries? <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Blah Blah" href="https://www.blahblah.com/galleries/blah/feed/" />

Thank you!

Why not disable RSS and then see if the feed and that code still remain?

It did not remove the code.

See if that changes when you click on the Update Album Files link in the Special Links section of the main Backlight dashboard.

That did not remove the code either. Republished an album and then looked to be sure. Code is still there.

the only other things I can think of (for now) would be:
Clear template cache
Clear any site caching your host provides
clear browser cache.

Is there anyone who can say that if they don’t enable RSS, they don’t get this line of code inserted in their gallery pages?

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Blah Blah" href="https://www.blahblah.com/galleries/blah/feed/" />

As the code is written, you should disable both the “Enable Site RSS Feed” and “Enable Album RSS Feeds” options, and then the RSS feed shouldn’t be there on any of your pages.

You should probably clear the template cache as well, though.

Cleared template cache.
Both “Enable Site RSS Feed” and “Enable Album RSS Feeds” were already disabled and I reconfirmed.
Cleared template cache again.
Cleared cache on browser.
Republished one of the albums.
Made sure I was getting a fresh copy of the page.
The aforementioned code is still there.
Checked same page on a different browser. Code is still there.

Can you share the URLs for feeds that should be disabled? Also, can you provide me with an admin login to Backlight via direct message?

Will do.

Hi @LifeIsABeach, I’ve found the problem and fixed it.
The logic for RSS feeds is meant to be the following:

  1. If a page includes an Album and album RSS feeds are enabled, then link to the RSS feed for the album
  2. Otherwise, if the site RSS feed is enabled then link to the site RSS feed, whether the page has an album or not.

There was a coding error on the second condition, which meant that the site’s RSS feed URL would be provided for both album and non-album pages if condition 1. was not met, even if the site RSS feed was not enabled. This issue only affected whether the link was provided. The actual feed would only work if enabled.

Can you visit your Backlight Modules page and click ‘Reinstall’ for the pangolin-page entry?

That worked! Many thanks, Ben! Your efforts are always appreciated!

Kind Regards / Perry

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