Docs for TTG CE2

Can anyone provide docs for TTG CE2 (Pages, Highslide, Autoindex, Stage)?
Thanks in advance.


Those are no longer available, unless someone happened to archive them.

but if you have specific questions, we may be able to help.

But perhaps more importantly, CE2 may not work well with modern browsers. For example, depending on the version of php your host uses, any text you add to a page may not appear.

I just ran a quick test in a sub-domain and text is not showing in any of the pages created. My host uses php 8.1 and no text appears. If I change the php to 7.4, text will appear, so make sure your host still supports php 7.4 or earlier.

I haven’t tested a Highslide gallery, autoindex, or Stage yet.

There’s this on the wayback machine (thanks @Daniel)

Oh, that’s wild. I didn’t know the waybackmachine had archived us.

The PHP issue sounds like the markdown script is incompatible with newer PHP versions. Which is not surprising; we had fixed that issue for CE4.

Thank you for the hint to wayback machine, I think this helps me.

I also noticed the problems you mentioned, but I solved them by changing some files to get TTG CE2 running with php 8.1. The main cause for not working is the old Markdown.php, but there is an updated version availabale.

You have to do the following changes:

  1. In all index.php files you must replace
    include_once ‘/resources/php/Markdown.php’;
    include_once $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/resources/php/Michelf/’;
    use Michelf\Markdown;

Then replace
$contents = Markdown($contents);
$contents = Markdown::defaultTransform($contents);

  1. Copy the new Michelf Markdown dir to resources/php; you have to do this only once on the server root.

  2. In all autoindex.php files change this code section:
    // restructure into simple record-type array
    for ($i=0; $i < count($vals); $i++)
    if ($vals[$i][‘type’] == ‘complete’)
    $vals[$i][‘value’] = ‘’;

     	$_xml[strtolower($vals[$i]['tag'])] = $vals[$i]['value'];

I’m not a php expert but it works.


For what it’s worth, Backlight is so much easier to work with in every respect. And it negates the need for Lightroom, especially the clunky Web Module, while being fully compatible with Lightroom’s Publisher.

Just doing that little test this morning was a stark reminder of just how much better Backlight is.