Domain changed, cannot login to Backlight


I gave up of one of my domains. Unfortunately it seems, that my Backlight (version 2) was connected to this domain. Now, when I try to log in to the administration pages, i get the following error.

join(): Passing glue string after array is deprecated. Swap the parameters|#0 [internal function]: ErrorHandler::handleError(8192, ‘join(): Passing…’, ‘/home/old_domain/…’, 110, Array) #1 /home/old_domain/public_html/valokuvauspalvelurintala/backlight/framework/helpers/URLHelper.php(110): join(Array, ‘&’) #2 /home/old_domain/public_html/valokuvauspalvelurintala/backlight/framework/helpers/URLHelper.php(268): URLHelper::url(‘admin/login’) #3 /home/old_domain/public_html/valokuvauspalvelurintala/backlight/framework/Framework.php(151): URLHelper::redirect(‘admin/login/’) #4 /home/old_domain/public_html/valokuvauspalvelurintala/backlight/admin/index.php(27): Framework->route() #5 {main}|URL: /valokuvauspalvelurintala/backlight/admin/index.php

My web hotel used to be under this domain ‘old_domain’. Now the folder structure in my web hotel is like /home/public_html/valokuvauspalvelurintala/backlight/.

Is there anything I could do or do I have to reinstall everything?

Hi @ma.rintala, what has happened is that you’re running an out-dated version of Backlight 2, and your host has since upgraded the version of PHP to one that is not compatible with that version of Backlight 2.

Can you try navigating to the Backlight Modules page in Backlight’s admin, and updating any modules that have updates?

If it is not possible to navigate to and use the Backlight Modules page, then visit /backlight/installer on your website (e.g. by visiting a URL like, and put in your order number for Backlight, and your email address and reinstall Backlight. This will replace the core Backlight files with the latest for Backlight 2, and will keep all of your settings and albums.

Thank you very much, @Ben! I managed to download and update the version 1.2.4 for my Backlight. (I thought I had updated to Backlight 2, but obviously I haven’t.)

According to quick check also client response add-on seems to work. At least client galleries exist and I can log into them. However, the main folder for my client galleries give an error.

Something went wrong
Unexpected error: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in AlbumDAO.php on line 486
Please report error at …

What could be wrong there?

Hi @ma.rintala, you may run into further PHP issues if you’re still on Backlight 1.

Looking at that error, it appears to be the case of a missing album somewhere. Can you provide me with the URL that you’re seeing that error, and provide me with a Backlight admin login so that I can look into this? You should be able to send me a direct message via the page

Hi @ma.rintala, thanks for the FTP access. I’ve found where the issue is. I’m not sure why this is an issue on your site and not on other sites. I’ve put in a work-around, and your index page is now loading correctly. This was by checking for the error and handling it gracefully in the file backlight/publisher/application/dao/AlbumDAO.php