Download Album as ZIP File (alls Highres Images)

would love to send the Client a Link to a auto generated ZIP File, including all Images (from one specific Album), so they can Backup them easily. is this Feature in a Pipeline?

Reagrds, Oreste

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Hi @oreste, we are looking into ways of providing photos via zip files. We don’t have an ETA for this.

Something I requested ages ago…

We are a very small outfit and work on Backlight after hours, with a large portion of that time spent in customer support. We use our remaining time judiciously to build features that will be of benefit to the greatest number of our customers. This feature has not been widely requested and has hence been given lower priority.


I don’t do this often but there are times when a client needs every photo in full resolution. If I’m shooting for a news organization, for example or for a police investigation or even something simple like an event and they want all the photos and they want them immediately, I will publish in Backlight as a normal album and code a simple html link. After publishing in Backlight, manually I will zip all those photos, upload them using ftp, then edit my backlight text so that I add a html link to that zip file on my server.

I don’t think many photographers will want complete download to be an option. But at times, I find it necessary. And it’s easy to ftp your zip file and link to it somewhere in your text.

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Thank yo for youjr Input, uploading toBL and then sending a ZIP via WeTransfer is the same (easier)solution, but a easier Workflow is always to have an all in one Solution.
I would buy a ZIP Plugin for 25$

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Using the program below in conjunction with Backlight for this type of thing works well. $30.


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