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Hi there,
Is there a way to add a download all images button instead of downloading one at a time with the cart module? I am currently using Lightooorm publisher.
I understand that you can add an external link but that takes double the work, so I’m trying to find a way just through lightroom publisher.

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In Backlight 4, with the Client Response Add-on, users may download zip files of selected images. If you want to supply a single download of all images, then your best solution remains to create and upload your own ZIP file, then provide a download link in the album.

Hi Matt,
Thank you for your reply. I am currently using this method with the cart module, I don’t need it with the client respnse as I only use that module for proofing and feedback.

Unfortunately this method takes double the work so I was hoping that since the image downloads are already generated and uploaded, are you able to add a little feature to download all images as it will make our workflow so much easier?

Thanks again

Nope. As Ben has previously explained elsewhere in the forum, compiling a ZIP file of downloadable images requires something like 3x the combined size of all images in the package in system memory, and – depending on the number of images in the gallery – could very easily hit the ceiling for users’ servers. The feature would therefore be unreliable at best, and fully broken at worst.

Remember, Backlight is software that runs on your own server, and is not a SAAS product for which we provision enterprise-level hosting. Given the inherent limitations of what Backlight is, uploading a ready-to-download ZIP package is, by far, the best and most reliable way to deliver images to your clients.