Download Link MIA on Mobile

Hi Guys,

I’ve created a Pangolin-Album with the option to download images (Advanced Setup - Use photos rendition), and the link shows in the right side pallet when viewing individual images - but only on the desktop:

… and not on mobile (capture from my iPhone):

Any suggestions as to what I missed and/or solutions?

Also, for the future request list - it would be nice to be able to download from the gallery page both individual files and the entire collection via zip…

Thanks in advance, Larry

what version of Backlight are you using?
can you post a link to an album?

Hi Rod - I’m using the most recent update 5.4.1.

You can view the album I used for the screen caps at

I can’t access the album, or even just the site, for that matter. I get server not responding messages.
I’ve tried multiple browsers in multiple devices.

One reason I wanted to check an album is that your screenshots look different for desktop as well as mobile compared to what I have on my site. Primarily, the image menu icon is missing. So I’m wondering if you’re using any custom css.

If I remember correctly, this was already discussed in the forum. To download on mobile, I think just have to press on the image and then select download on the popup. That’s what I remember, but I might be wrong!

the download icon should still appear in the image menu pallet. And I believe the image menu button should appear unless it’s being hidden by custom css.

Hi Rod & Co.

You’re right that Image button to open the right side pallet was hidden by custom CSS on purpose. For my regular galleries, I don’t want the option to display the side pallet as there is no option to download, no social media links and no need for a permalink.

I’ll guess that on my browsers, because I opened the side pallet once the server/cookie remembered to keep the pallet open, hence it was visible on my desktop without the image button icon.

I have a few issues with that side pallet and my aesthetic is to offer the download button available for certain galleries in the top menu next to zoom/search/full screen. A distant second choice would be to have the side pallet visible if there is a download option, but make it match the rest of the display with only the download button against a black background and the image display recalculated to fill the remainder of the space from the get go…

As a stop-gap I would have that side pallet visible always, but cannot find any option to make that override for the colors, etc.

Any help or guidance is much appreciated.


you may be able to move the download icon with jQuery and some added styling. That looks a bit complicated though.

Rod - thanks for confirming that is the only way… “a bit complicated” might be a bit of an understatement…

Well, it’s the only way I can imagine.

I’ll defer to your expertise - if/when I succeed I’ll be sure to share my findings here! Thanks again.

I don’t have much expertise. I’ve done a little bit with jQuery. Just enough to know what might be possible.