"Download Template Presets" Updates

The “Download Template Presets” feature has been updated today. There’s more I want to do, and so I’ll make a larger blog/newsletter announcement at a future time, when things are more complete. That said, the work-in-progress is live for visitation and ready to use.

To get there, in your Backlight admin, visit Designer => Templates, then click the “Download Template Presets” button at the top of the page.

The index page has received a light overhaul, and now supports categories, with titles and descriptions. This will allow me to group presets by type or purpose.

I’ve also retired the older presets, and have now relaunched the page with new page-template starters. There are basic, minimalist and full-screen templates, each in Light and Dark theme.

I plan to add starter presets for albums and album sets, and later for Galleria and Theater add-ons.

I think this new direction for our downloadable template presets is a great start toward making our downloadable presets page more useful. Please check things out, and let me know what else you’d like to see there, that might make the feature more useful for you.