Downloading Photos

When downloading from classic thumbnail grid, I sometimes get unwanted tabs containing their own slideshows.

Here is more detail. When I ctrl-click an image in the classic thumbnail grid, it always opens the browser’s save feature. However, depending on the browser (and sometimes, on the browser’s settings), it sometimes also opens a slideshow in a new tab. This slideshow is configured differently from the standard pangolin slideshow.

The new slideshow tab always opens (one new tab per ctrl-click) if I am using Firefox, whether or not Firefox is set to allow pop-ups. The new slideshow tab also always opens if I am using Chrome, if Chrome is set to allow pop-ups. I do not get the same behavior when I download from the pangolin slideshow, using the download button.

Is this a browser issue, and not a Backlight issue? Is there a way I can prevent the new slideshow tab from opening?

My website is a work-in-progress, but the thumbnail grid is here.

It’s the metakey we’re using here. Sounds like Firefox doesn’t work like other browsers in this regard:

At least as of Firefox 48, the ⊞ Windows key is not considered the “Meta” key. KeyboardEvent.metaKey is false when the ⊞ Windows is pressed.

Thanks Matt.