Drop-Down Menu items own Desktop

Hey Guys,
So working on a Client Gallery here. In my Nav Menu I have four items, with two of them having Child-Menus. On my desktop, the Parent Menu Item highlights on hover, but the Drop-Downs do not appear at all. I can confirm they are there in mobile and can select them.
Any obvious thoughts as to what I missed here?
FYI, I am working in Safari, but have tried it in Chrome and Opera too. Same issue.

Look in your menu set to make sure the menu items are linked to an album set and that they are set to use descendants.

Hey Rod,
I have the the parent item set to ‘non-interactive’
The two child elements are set to URL links.
And like I said, the links appear and work in mobile. But on the desktop, there is no drop-down available so I can’t select them.

FYI, I just tried changing them as per your suggestion and cleared cache, reloaded, same issue still. Tried Album Set and Album.

Just tested a similar setup and it works for me. Can you post a link to your site?

Here’s a screen shot of my current setup.

Here’s the link:

Not sure why it’s not working.
Try clearing template cache from the loping on the Backlight Special Links page

There may be an html error on the page. Your footer is in the top of the page and something like that usually indicates a tag hasn’t been properly closed. Did you write your copy in html?

Tried clearing cache in the special links and again in my browser. Didn’t solve the problem.
Closing it down for the evening. I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow.
Thx, Rod.

I did add some html, yes.
I’ll check it. Thx.

I see at least one unclosed <em> tag

Yes, found that rogue <‘em>.
I added html in the copy there as you can see by the bolds and italics and such. That’s the only place I’ve added code.
I’m away from my desktop now, but after eliminating that <‘em> here on my iPad Pro, the drop downs are working as drop-downs. I’ll check the desktop version in the morning.
That may have done it. Crazy. That’s a weird html ‘cause and effect’.
Thanks for all your help, Rod. You rock, man.

it’s working on my laptop. So yay!

And if you only need bold and italic, you could write your copy in Markdown and not have to use html