E-Mail Updates are not sent to customer when state set to "paid"

Hi all,

I recognized that whenever I set a manually paid invoice to state paid, there is no Mail sent to my customer regardless what state I set for Fulfillment.

Normal Mails are working - not problems occurred.

Is there any little checkbox I need to enable to sent my customers e-mail updates that I have received the money?

Thanks and cheers

Hi Elmar,

When orders are changed to ‘Paid’, emails are sent out only if there are digital purchases of non-zero cost, or there are some of zero cost and the setting for requiring approval for free downloads is enabled.
In other words, emails are only sent out if changing the status to paid allows the download of digital purchases that weren’t already available for download prior to being marked as paid.

Is that the case with your orders?

Thanks for your reply

The orders only have print products as items. There are no digital items that would be downloaded.

Hmmm….this is a little problem for me.
What I try to achieve ist to offer packages of digital Photos. E.g. I’d like to offer 5 digital Downloads for a certain prize.

Unfortunately there is no way to have packages of virtual items as far as I can see. Whenever I try to create a package I can not add virtual items.

Therefore I wanted to have the customer being informed, that the payment has arrived and tell him that he can now download the fotos in the album. I would change to another template which the would allow the download.