Email debugging

Hi !

Today I tried to use reCAPTCHA version 3 on my site and it didn’t work.
I was not to worried that it didn’t and tried to go back to use the email without it . But now when I try to send myself for testing , I get this error message::

Something went wrong

Unexpected error: Call to a member function getDebug() on null in ContactDelegate.php on line 96

Please report error at

Could someone help ?

Thank you,

Is your installation of Backlight up to date?

Hi Rod !
I’ll check that and probably just reinstall backlight. That should fix the email back to where it was. I’ll post the outcome here once it’s done

I’m running Backlight version: 3.1.1

Hi @Thomas, can you try disabling debugging in the reCAPTCHA settings?

It looks like a bug where it’s trying to debug reCAPTCHA when it’s not even enabled.

Hi Ben ,
I’m in the process of reinstalling Backlight which should take me back to where I was.
I’l let you know the outcome.Thanks mate.

So I reinstalled Backlight which is now 3.1.3 as when I did the upgrade, leaving only the custom and data folders.
Everything is back to what is was before.
Email works but I’m not using reCAPTCHA. I might try using it at a later date.
Case closed. Or is it ?