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Hi guys,

I am a long term user, currently on BL2 as I’m too lazy to upgrade when things are working well!

I use backlight mainly for sharing photos on from my personal photography page www.peterblandford.com

I have a charity which I run https://www.christianblandford.com/ and I often want to share photos on a blog post on the charity’s site.

Is there any way of embedding a gallery (for example this one in a blog post on the charity site?

What I tend to do is export photos from lightroom and create a gallery in word press with low res images and then link to my site for better quality downloads like this

But it would be great if I could embed gallery directly into the charity’s site if that is possible?

Embedding just the album? Probably not.
You could probably embed the entire album page in an iframe though.

The album may not work as expected.

Backlight 4 can embed an album into a WordPress post. But the Backlight album needs to be published on the same site.

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Thanks Rod, I thought as much.

You should upgrade! Upgrades from B2 to B4 are super easy. Just like installing any other update, you purchase B4, visit your Backlight Modules page and click a few buttons. Ultimate upgrade experience for “too lazy” people. :wink:

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So I am now happily on BL4 and trying to embed a gallery on a wordpress page hosted on the same domain.

I have followed instruction:

  1. enabled JSON API
  2. found the gallery number (757337) - gallery here
  3. I have put the following code into a test page
    [backlight gallery=“757337” columns=1]

it doesn’t seem to work

I really want to embed a slideshow rather than a gallery, is that possible?

that should be
[backlight album="757337" columns="1"]

Only regular Pangolin albums can be inserted at this time.

For slide shows, I’ve found the free version of the NextGen plugin looks great and is easy to use.

Thanks Rod

You’re welcome.
I’ll go ahead and close this topic since we’re now away from the original question.

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