Erased by mistake main copy in a page in Backlight

On the HOME page of I had a slide show with some text. I deleted by mistake the content of the Page copy / Main copy!
This was the HTML code that displayed the animation and the text.

Any way to retrieve this code? I have a backup copy of the site dating three weeks that most certainly contains that code. Any way to retrieve this code?

You could try finding cached version on the internet:

Works fine but this only displays the site “as it was” but no access to Backlight. I need to retrieve that HTML code in Backlight>Designer>Pages>ACCUEIL>Design>Page Copy¨Main Copy
This is probably impossible, unless I reload that three-week-old version and there, access Backlight.

You can view the page source and copy the html from there.

Good God, saved again! I think I’ll go take a walk…

Thanks Rod.