Error Accessing Client Response Config

I’ve recently updated to BL 5. When trying to access Client Response Admin I’m getting an error.

Use of “self” in callables is deprecated|#0 [internal function]: ErrorHandler::handleError() #1 /home/c2w/public_html/backlight/modules/module-framework/helpers/GenericUpgradeHelper.php(51): uasort() #2 /home/c2w/public_html/backlight/modules/module-framework/helpers/GenericApplicationHelper.php(153): GenericUpgradeHelper->upgradeIfNeeded() #3 /home/c2w/public_html/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(458): GenericApplicationHelper->checkUpgrade() #4 /home/c2w/public_html/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(169): Framework->initApplication() #5 /home/c2w/public_html/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(43): Framework->init() #6 /home/c2w/public_html/backlight/index.php(31): Framework->__construct() #7 {main}|URL: /backlight/index.php

it might help @Ben to diagnose the problem if you include a link to the site.
Also, what version of php is your host using? You can find out by logging into Backlight and going to Admin > Special Links and click on View PHP Info.

PHP 8.2

Until @Ben can take a look, try reinstalling module-framework and module-client-response from your Backlight Modules page.
I know Ben has been adding fixes for compatibility with php 8.2, could be this is an issue with the particular configuration your host is using. (my site uses php 8.2 and accessing Client Response works fine)

I did the reinstall for those and still have the same behavior.

Can you switch to php 8.0 or 8.1?

I changed to 8.1 and when I went to the CR admin page this came up…


When I clicked here to continue everything looks good, except I was expecting to see a Feedback Entry from a client and it isn’t showing up.

And as a side note I have a site that is still at 8.2 if you want to do any other testing with that before I move it to 8.1. I can leave it broken for a few days if it helps you.

A bit of a tricky one. The upgrading code needs updating to be compatible with PHP 8.2, but our modules page needs to use the current non-dated code on your server to upgrade modules…

The two options, one of which you’ve found:

  1. Change to an earlier version of PHP, upgrade the modules (or let BL upgrade the module in the case of CR), then change back to PHP 8.2, or:

  2. Visit, and reinstall the core modules. Then login to Backlight again and upgrade any new modules. This approach is safe and protects your data and other settings.

Note that 2. won’t yet work. I need to apply the fix for PHP 8.2, test it and update our deployed code.

Ok, I think I’m following that… so a couple of questions:

  1. Do you want me to wait to upgrade my other site so you can test option 2 with it?
  2. Do you know what might have happened to a Feedback Response that was submitted after the upgrade and before I applied fix #1?
  1. Would be really helpful. It’s quite difficult for me to test otherwise, partly because our development code doesn’t use the upgrade mechanism.

  2. I’m not sure. Can you provide me with a Backlight admin login by clicking my name followed by Message? Were any emails received? Did the user see any errors or did it look like the feedback was submitted without issue?

  1. I will wait until I hear from you, please note that after tomorrow morning I won’t have access to the computer until late Monday or early Tuesday.

  2. I have sent the message. I didn’t not receive any emails. The user did not report any errors and they seemed to think it worked… I’m not sure how computer savvy they are.

Hi @gbbiv, I’ve pushed the fix to our server.

Can you try the following:

  1. Firstly, check that your site is running PHP 8.2. Verify this by viewing Backlight > Special Links followed by PHP Info
  2. Visit and enter your details followed by Install
  3. Log into and visit Backlight > Backlight Modules then upgrade any available modules (possibly just CR)

I’ll see what I can find with that feedback in your Backlight CR

Hi @gbbiv, I wasn’t able to login. Can you check your messages for more info?