Error after upgrading to Vers 5

I got the following error after upgrading to Backlight 5:
Unexpected error: syntax error, unexpected token “<<”, expecting end of file in 112-page-3.0.4-1-12-menu_7-113-index-2.0.1-2-22-1-admin.view-1.template on line 72


Tranks for your help!

try reinstalling from your Backlight Modules page. I think Ben just added a new update so you may see those available on the Backlight Modules page.

I’ve reinstalled everything, but no change.

@Ben will need to take a look

I just tried creating a new album set on my test site and received a similar error message (it’s gone now so I don’t know if it was the same message or not). I reinstalled all modules and refreshed the page using Ctrl-F5 (windows)
Try clearing browser cache and see if that helps.

Still no change

Hi @zippo, can you please find the file backlight/data/designer/cache/112-page-3.0.4-1-12-menu_7-113-index-2.0.1-2-22-1-admin.view-1.template via FTP and post the contents in to a comment?

Substitute that file name with whatever the latest file name is in the error message, as it may have changed since upgrading or clearing the cache.

Deleted by Ben
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Thanks, @zippo. I’ve found the issue from what you posted. This was a deployment issue on our side.
I’ve made a fix. Can you visit the Backlight Modules page and click Reinstall for the pangolin-page module?

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Thank you very much for the quick fix, Ben! The error message is gone and everything works!

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