Error clicking on Galleries after update to 5.1

I just updated to 5.1 (the first time I’ve updated since upgrading from TTG3 to Backlight 5) and when I click on Galleries in the home page I get the error quoted below. Clicking on About or Search everything works normally. In fact, on the Search page I can open any of the galleries. It’s just clicking on the Galleries link that generates this error:

Something went wrong

Argument 1 passed to Album::setLoginToAccessProtectedPhotosEnabled() must be an instance of bool, boolean given, called in /home/edruzjls/public_html/backlight/modules/module-publisher/application/models/Album.php on line 718 and defined in Album.php on line 1039

This is some sort of privacy setting, yes? All my albums are public and password is not enabled.

FWIW, I have Updated Album Files and Cleared Template Cache. The php version is 5.6.40.

(This is why I dislike doing updates.)

the site in question is

@Ben will need to take a look. You can kickstart the support process by messaging him a Backlight admin login, and FTP information.

Thanks Matthew, message to Ben sent.

Hi @erudolph, I have put in a fix for this. Can you visit the Backlight Modules page and click Reinstall for module-publisher?

We can’t give older versions of PHP as much testing as we’d like. PHP 5.6 reached end-of-life in 2018. I strongly suggest updating to a newer version of PHP.

Thanks Ben, that fixed it! :slight_smile: What version of php do you suggest? And will upgrading php have any other consequences?

Hi @erudolph, thanks for confirming the fix. For now I would suggest either PHP 8.1 or 8.2. We generally recommend the latest, except for when the latest has just come out. Some hosts tend to update within a week or so of a new version, before we’ve had a chance of testing and updating Backlight for it.

The main consideration of upgrading is whether you’re running other PHP software on your site, such as Wordpress.

There should be no consequences for Backlight, assuming your host hasn’t broken anything in the support from one version to another. If you’re able to switch between versions then you could always change back to a previous version of PHP in that case.

Great. Updated to 8.1 and Backlight is working fine. The other aspects of php I don’t understand! :slight_smile:

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