Error during customer checkout via PayPal

I received the same error.

Hi @Kurt, you should not be seeing this error. I had missed you were running Backlight 4, so put the fix in for Backlight 5 (which needed the fix as the version of Parsedown has since been upgraded). Backlight 4 already had this fix with version 4.1.3, released over a year ago. Can you check that you are up-to-date in Backlight Modules?

I used to use Backlight 4 (that’s when t think this problem showed up in the past.) I am currently on the latest version of Backlight 5 (everything is updated).

Have you clicked Reinstall for module-framework ? Try that and also clearing your template cache.

The confusion on BL4 is that you revived a topic from 2022.

Sorry for the confusion. Yes, I cleared the template cache and reinstalled that module. I repeatedly get the same error on the PayPal page. I even tried different browsers to no avail.

Hi @Kurt, can you take a screenshot of the error and add it into a comment?

Thanks, @Kurt. For some reason your Parsedown (or Backlight in general) is not updated to the latest. The code that previously threw that error is now on line 34. The four additional lines are the check and handling to actually prevent that error.

Can you visit Backlight Modules and take a screenshot of the items grouped under “Backlight 5”. Just up to module-publisher should do.

FYI: The Backlight updates didn’t appear yesterday.

Hi @Kurt, 5.3.4 has just been released, but not yet announced. I had applied a silent fix for 5.3.3, which is why I advised to click on Reinstall. Does 5.3.4 solve the PayPal issue?

Yes it did!

Thank you!

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That’s great! Is the PayPal checkout now working for you?

Yes sir! I completed a purchase and everything worked perfectly. Thanks for solving this issue. You guys are great! (as always)

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