Error during customer checkout via PayPal

I was notified by a customer of an error during the checkout process via PayPal. I tried it myself and received the following:

str_replace(): Passing null to parameter #3 (subject) of type array string is deprecated in Parsedown.php on line 32

Any ideas?

What version of Backlight are you using?
Is everything up to date?
What version of php is your host using? (You can find out at Backlight > Admin > Special Links > View PHP Info)

Good morning!
I am using Backlight 4.1.2
PHP version 8.1.3

A couple of things to try:

First: On the Backlight Modules page, click on the Reinstall All link. Click on Reinstall for the Cart
(try this first in case there have been silent fixes in Backlight)

If that doesn’t fix it:
From your host’s CPanel, try reverting to an earlier version of php,

Will do. Is there a version I should switch too?

I switched back to PHP 8.0, reinstalled all the modules, and it’s now working.

Thanks Rod!

@Ben I can confirm the error Kurt encountered happens with php 8.1.3
On my test site, with php 8.0.16 everything worked correctly. I changed it to php 8.1.3 and the error popped up in the PayPal portion of checking out.

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Hi @rod_barbee and @Kurt, PHP 8.1 has proven quite problematic. We’ve had a couple of rounds of updates to address issues, and will now look to fix these issues.

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Hi @Kurt, I haven’t been able to replicate this error message, however I’ve put in changes to the code that should address this and also fix the issue at Uploading full-sized image problem

Can you try reinstalling the main Backlight modules by clicking ‘Reinstall’ under ‘Backlight’ on the Backlight modules page?

Hi @Ben, did you also update the testing stream?

with php 8.1.3 in release stream, PayPal checkout is working

will do