Error in backlight 5.0.2

Something went wrong
Unexpected error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<<’ (T_SL), expecting end of file in 108-page-3.0.4-13-2-menu_16-111-index-2.0.1-14-3-1-admin.view-1.template on line 27

Please report error at

try clicking on the Reinstall All link on your Backlight Modules page

reinstalled via link. same error.

worth a try. You can also try clearing template cache from the link on the Special Links page

still the same behaviour
and error

Hi @pkemp, This issue was caused by a problem in our deployment.
I’ve put in a fix. Can you visit the Backlight Modules page and click Reinstall for the pangolin-page module?

Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. that fixed it.

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