Error in creating a Theater album template

I am trying to create an album template using Pangolin Theater and get the error message: “Something went wrong A non-numeric value encountered in PangolinTheaterDataModel.php on line 50”

Settings entered include:
Name: Home Page Template
Identifier: HPT (Also tried leaving field blank)
Type: Pangolin Theater
Default Template: No

When I click “Add” I get the above error message. The template is added to the list, but when I then click “Design” I get the same error

I tried creating other album templates using different Types as a test and that worked fine. Also, I created an album template the other day using Pangolin Theater and that worked fine too. So it seems this is a recent issue restricted to creating Pangolin Theater albums. Thanks

Have you tried reinstalling the Theater add-on?

Yes, a couple of times. Same result. Thanks

Any other thoughts on how to resolve? I have tried deleting the template and recreating several times, reinstalling the Theater module in-between these attempts with no luck. Still getting the same error message. Is there something I should try with in cpanel in Bluehost or in Lightroom’s Web module, though I have not used either of these in many months?? Thanks

@Ben will likely need to chime in. I don’t entirely grok that error.

Hi @msmanfredi, it looks like Designer is having trouble finding values for the Top Pallet’s Border-top or Border-bottom settings. What have you set these to?
Can you try changing those and seeing if the error disappears? If not, please message me a Backlight admin login and any steps to reproduce the issue.

HI Ben, I responded via email with the following and login info. Not sure if have seen:

I have gone through all the templates and cant see any settings for Top Pallet’s Border-top or Border-bottom, so not sure exactly what it is you want me to edit. With regards to the Theater template in question, I can’t get past the error to make any setting adjustments. The error popped up when I first created the template. As you will see, when you go into the Backlight > Designer > Templates > Album Templates you will see the Template I created Named: “Home page Theater” When you click on design, the following error pops up:
Something went wrong
A non-numeric value encountered in PangolinTheaterDataModel.php on line 50
And I can’t get past this to work on this template. All the others work fine:

Top Pallet border settings are in the page template that you assign to the Theater album template.

Have you tried creating another theater template? It may just be a one time glitch.

Yes to all. No change. Same error.
I have 3 page templates named Home page (Type: Okapi Page), Dark Starter Page (Type: Pangolin page) and Default Page (Type: Pangolin Page). Only the later two have a Top Pallet border setting to adjust. Each was previously set at 0 and 1 for top and bottom respectively. I changed both on both templates to 2 and 3 respectively, but no change when trying to create a Theater Album template. I get the same error. Though this is not surprising to me since I can not complete creating the template, let alone assign it to a page.

Change the page template that’s assigned to the Theater album template. make sure it’s a Pangolin page template.

Hi @msmanfredi, thanks for the Backlight admin access. After a bit of head-scratching I’ve worked out the problem. This was caused by a bug on our part combined with a setting in your Designer. The default Page template was an Okapi template. When you first create an album template, it is assigned the default template as the page template. Your new Pangolin Theater albums were therefore being assigned an Okapi Page template. That’s incompatible and created the error that you saw.

I have fixed it on your site by assigning the Dark ‘Pangolin’ template as your default. Now when you create a new Pangolin Theater album, you’re able to go to Designer without seeing the error.

Moving forward, I suggest deleting the Home Page Theater template and creating a new one. (let me know if somehow you’d already put in design work into that template and I’ll manually reassign it, but if not it’s better to just delete it and start with a new template).

This shouldn’t affect you again, unless you choose to set your Okapi template to be default. We’ll look into fixing this issue so that Backlight doesn’t attempt to assign an incompatible Page template upon template creation.

Rod and Ben, Thanks so much. Problem resolved. Also, FYI, I saw the following note on the top of the “Assign Templates” page: “Assign templates for Top-level galleries, Search and other applications. Album and Album Set templates are assigned via Lightroom’s Publisher module.” This prompted me to make an adjustment in LR publisher module changing there the assigned template to the Theater Template I started to create and that too seemed to resolve the issue. Thanks again

Hi @msmanfredi, I’m glad that’s resolved it. I need to update that message, since it’s now possible to update templates assigned to Albums and Albums either withing LR or within the BL Publisher. All changes made to album settings in Backlight’s Publisher are propagated back to the respective albums in LR Publisher.