Error Message Any Ideas?

Any idea what this means?

Error performing function.

Unable to complete the action.

Headers: { [error] => { [errorCode] => “badURL” }

I’m assuming this is from the LR Publisher? Check that your API URL is a proper URL, starting with http:// or https://

If you copy-and-paste your API URL into your browser, the response should be this:
{"status":"error","message":"The page sent an action that was not available."}

Thanks Ben.

Yes, this is from the Lightroom publisher.

I’m lost as far as API goes. Something got messed up cause this used to work.

I added http://www. to the url and then got an error saying it must end in “publisher/“

Doing this i.e adding now says unable to find publisher

Sorry. I don’t even know what API is. What is my API URL and where do a get the API password?



your api url is:

And the resulting message looks correct.
Use this same url in Lightroom Publisher unless your site is actually using https rather than http. then just use

Take a look in your Backight Settings under Site URL to make sure if you’re using http or https

I entered a new API password on both Publisher & Backlight. I made sure the url is correct.

I’m still getting: The authentication check was NOT successful. Please check the URL and API Key

Some screenshots attached of set up

your site url in Backlight Settings is wrong. remove backlight/publisher from it

Ok. I changed setting (see photo) but still getting error.

The authentication check was NOT successful. Please check the URL and API Key.

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 3.42.15 PM

Have you verified that the API key you set in Backlight matches the one you set in Lightroom Publisher?

Bingo! I changed it and it worked.

I think they did match before but it was a crazy long API like 16 digits with symbols.


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