Error message line 124

Good morning,

I’m still using Backlight 3 and this morning, I noticed I wasn’t using the latest version, so I update all, here the modules I’m using:

Application Module Installed Version Available Version
Backlight 3
Changelog Reinstall All module-framework 3.2.1 3.2.1 Reinstall
module-admin 3.2.1 3.2.1 Reinstall
module-designer 3.2.1 3.2.1 Reinstall
module-publisher 5.2.1 5.2.1 Reinstall
module-pages 3.2.0 3.2.0 Reinstall
custom-resources 3.2.0 3.2.0 Reinstall
pangolin-core 3.2.0 3.2.0 Reinstall
pangolin-album 3.2.0 3.2.0 Reinstall
pangolin-album-set 3.2.0 3.2.0 Reinstall
pangolin-page Reinstall
okapi-core 3.0.0 3.0.0 Reinstall
Backlight Add-on: Cart
Changelog module-cart 6.0.3 6.0.3 Reinstall
Backlight Add-on: Galleria
Changelog pangolin-galleria 3.2.0 3.2.0 Reinstall
Backlight Add-on: Theater
Changelog pangolin-theater 3.2.0 3.2.0 Reinstall
Okapi Web Modules
Changelog Reinstall All standard-album 3.0.1 3.0.1 Reinstall
standard-album-set 3.0.1 3.0.1 Reinstall
standard-page 3.0.3 3.0.3 Reinstall

And now when I’m going on the page where I have my album set (Backlight) I have the following error:

preg_replace(): Passing null to parameter #3 ($subject) of type array|string is deprecated in 95-page-3.0.4-27-23-menu_11-93-index-2.0.1-29-4-1-admin.view-1.template on line 124

I tried to reinstall all, still the same.

Thank you in advance for your help, have a nice day.


Might be a php compatibility issue.
What version of php is your site running?
You can check by clicking on the View PHP Info link. I don’t recall where that is in Backlight 3.


it’s 8.1.17 Version.

Your blog is affected by an error as well.
Could be that your host recently updated php, making parts of BL3 incompatible. You could try reverting to an older version of php, if your host allows that.

Your best option may be to upgrade to Backlight 5. Older versions of Backlight run into incompatibilities as PHP continues to evolve.

That’s right for the blog, probably because I have an album set in this page too.

OK, I will consider to upgrade backlight.

Thank you for your help.