Error message locating API

when I try to verify my API for publisher, I get a popup that says

Unable to find Publisher.
Please check that the API URL is correct.

The url is in the format
I have verified the url is correct and the API key matches a number of times.
This is a new installation, and I have completely removed and reinstalled it a few times in the event that the install failed.

The site is Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.4

my problem seems to be exactly as described in the following thread however I am unable to resolve the problem Publisher API Authentication Error - #4 by rod_barbee

Any help would be appreciated.

double check the api urls.
If, in your Backlight settings> Site URL, the address begins with http://, so too must the api url in Lightroom Publisher.
or if it begins with https://
They both need to be exactly the same

I have tried both http:// and https://
the error mentioned in original post is the error with http://
using https:// I get the following error

what message do you get when you go to in a web browser?

I get a “404” page

i noticed another wierd issue
when I go to, I get
the text content of the index.php file,
however if I go to, I get the first gallery on this platform

sounds like a new installation issue.
Is this a new installation or an upgrade?

A real url to your site might help

new, on a synology nas with a redirect from a domain

That will give @Ben something to work with.
I seem to remember other issues with synology. Try searching the forum for more
And the redirect could be a problem

after another clean install I get the following message
Screenshot 2024-03-10 175110

even though I am pointing correctly using http
https give a different error


@goodguy100, what was the issue and resolution?