Error "Unable to find module with id standard-page."

When trying to open a site after upgrading from v1.2.3 to v4.1, I received an error message “Unable to find module with id standard-page.” Make sure this module is installed under backlight/modules/. In EngineFactory.php on line 95."

How do I recover from this?

Bill Cobb
Sandy Springs, GA

Ignore this for now - I found the missing modules in the modules folder in another site. standard-album, standard-album-set and standard-page were all missing in the site with the issue. Not sure how that happened, but I’ll try copying the modules.


Well, no cutie doll. Copying the missing modules from another site allowed me to open the site with the issue, but at the bottom of the home page the following error was displayed.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 9.25.49 PM

Were you using an embedded slide show on your home page?
If so, create a new slide show template using the current (BL4) modules and assign that template to the home page slideshow.

I don’t think you should copy the old modules into your BL4 installation.
If you need the old Okapi modules for some reason, go to your Backlight Modules page and install them by clicking the install links

Both sites started in version 1.2.3 and were converted to v4.1 at about the same time. They are sister sites hosted in add-on domains in the same host account at HostGator. The site with the issue is The sister site which has no issues is

Thanks for the quick reply Rod. I’ll look at updating the modules from the BL Modules page.

There was no home page slide show, but the home page did contain an album of showcased images.

Interesting - the error message is no longer displayed.

When I logged into the admin module, I received an error message
Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 9.42.46 PM

When I ignored it and proceeded into the modules page and tried to add the missing modules, I got this error message:


Then replace the old album template assigned to that album with a new one.
The old Okapi modules are there basically to support an older, BL1 site that’s being updated to BL4.
You should create new Pangolin page, album, and album set templates to take advantage of all the BL4 features.

@Ben will need to look at that error

Gotcha. thanks.

Any ideas on the upgrade to v1.9.2 failure messages?

OK. I’ll wait for his reply. I’m heading to bed shortly so will sign off for tonight.

Thanks for your quick response and good support.


Send @Ben your backlight login and provide him ftp access. The easiest way doing this is clicking o his name and then select Message. This way, he has everything he needs to debug this issue and fix it.


Bill Cobb

Hi @Bill, I’ve had a look at the upgrade issues. It looks like the upgrade that had been failing had actually been done, but the versioning had become confused causing Backlight to attempt to perform database changes that had already been made.

I’ve changed the upgrade script to skip the database upgrades in between version 1 and version 2. The scripts to upgrade from version 2 to 4 then succeeded without issue.

I don’t know what caused this. The upgrade process from version 1 to 4 is a little fragile and depends on doing things in the right order. For now I suggest that we assume that everything is all in good order. Can you let me know if you encounter any further issues related to upgrades or other functionality that isn’t working correctly?

Thanks Ben. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know of any issues observed.

Thanks for your help.


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