Error "Unexpected error: Undefined array key "publication_ date" in PublisherDelegate .php on line 571"


In trying to create a new private album set in my main “galleries” I receive the following error:

“Unexpected error: Undefined array key “publication_ date” in PublisherDelegate .php on line 571”

I’ve tried reinstalling all of backlight 4 as well as my client response module and pangolin gallery module… tried logging out and back in, tried multiple times, tried naming it different things - same error - just won’t let me create a new album set.

Any suggestions?



Are you using Lightroom to publish? If so, make sure you’re using the latest version of the TTG Publisher plug-in (6.0.3)

Hi Rod, nope - this is prior to even getting into images - using the BL publisher to create a new album set… My intent was to create the new album set, then an album (proof gallery), then assign it to a client… couldn’t even create the album set - that’s what was throwing the error.

And your Backlight Modules page is not showing any updates available, correct?

What version of php is your site running?

Hi @dstroyer, I’m not sure why this has been happening. I’ve put in a workaround.

To apply the fix, visit the Backlight Modules page. If you see an Update All Modules button then click that. Otherwise, click on Reinstall next to module-publisher followed by clicking the Reinstall button.

Thank you Ben - that has allowed me to add an “album set”… I’ll keep you posted if anything else is wonky.