Error when trying to go into private gallery

I’ve just installed Backlight 3 and the Client responce gallery
Created some test galleries and assigned them CRG template and some to private others to public visibillities.
When I then log into client area and click on one of the private albums I get an Error.

I am totally new to this so I have no idea what to do ???

Something went wrong
Unable to find PageTemplate with ID9. Try updating the selected template for the application. In Enginefactory.php on line 36


double check the page template assigned in Backlight Settings > Personalisation > Client Template.
Make sure you’ve assigned your site’s page template.

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If Rod’s suggestions don’t solve it, please share a Backlight admin login with me via direct message so that I can look into this.

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Thank you so much - it worked when I finally found it :slight_smile:

/ Kenneth

Problem solved - thank you so much :slight_smile:
/ Kenneth