Essays Template Question

Excited about Essays module. Just installed 4.1 and watched video. Question regarding setting up my essays template. I see that I can inherit my page template, but it looks like I have to configure most everything else manually. Is there a way to use the default album template so I don’t have to make sure I have everything in say, the grid or slideshows the same as for regular albums? I want my site to look and in general behave the same regardless of essay or album.

you’ll need to set up the grid separately in Essay

That’s what it looked like. :frowning:

The grids between Pangolin Album and Pangolin Essay are actually quite different, though they look similar. So it just wouldn’t work to inherit the settings anyway.

Yeah, I kind of figured that was the case and can see why. But it does mean that I (and anyone using essays), should make sure, for example, that border color, be the same across the site (unless you have a compelling reason not to, for example, everything in Essays is different than the rest of the site).

There seems to be a prevalence these days on “cute” apps and websites towards having similar things not work the same (note, I don’t consider the Essays template an inconsistency in Backlight, as I really do see how functionally it’s different than an album grid, but rather that I need to make sure I address it when building my site templates…).

A lot of the reason is that Pangolin has had a very long tail – as pangolins do, haha! – and much has changed in the meantime. We have some new ways of doing things, as well as new technologies and browser features that weren’t available, or weren’t prevalent when we started building things.

I dare say, Matthew, that this particular pangolin has had a great evolutionary cycle since the CE2 days when I joined the fold!

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