Essays to not show after upgrade to BL5.1.0

After upgrading all the modules to BL5.1.0, my essays only appear in Firefox private windows. In a “normal” window (with adblocking turned off), I can navigate to an essay, but it is blank. If I do the exact same thing in a private window it works fine. Strange, I can see the text of the essay in the source code of the return HTML from my site, but like I said, it doesn’t display.

Firefox 109.0, MacOS Monterrey 12.6.2

Example: Wayne and Betty Lester - Michael Boatright Photography

Non-private window:

Private window

Non-private window page source (partial):

It works on my iPad in Safari iOS. And Firefox for iOS and Chrome for iOS too. No private or incognito mode

Getting this error in the debugging console on Firefox:

I don’t think the cookie thing is it. This error only shows up in the normal window (not private)

Backlight folder permissions…

FWIW, it works on Firefox IOS on my iPhone. But the only error that seems relevant is the 403 error on the essay page which only happens on mac in non-private Firefox. A 403 error is a server side thing…

Have you tried clearing template and browser cache?

First thing I did before opening the report was to clear template cache. What I DIDN’T do was clear the cookie for my site. After it expired, the essays started working properly. The reason it probably worked in your other browsers was most likely that you had never set PHPSESSID cookie under BL4 and tried to read it under BL5. That seems to be the scenario. You accessed the page AFTER I had upgraded to 5, so it would naturally work fine for you. Lesson learned (at least until the next version upgrade… :cowboy_hat_face: :clown_face: