Exporting from lr to kookaburra-page

I use
kookaburra-page and upload images at 3800 pix. I get 7000 pix from the camera. Photos that I crop in Lightrom come croped in the album. Even if they are more than 3800 pixels after croping . How can I stop the images from getting too small?

it may be that the browser is rendering them smaller than 3800 px just so they can be displayed.
Are the files 3800 px.

can you post a link to an album?

exported with 3823 x 3032 the cropped pixels in slide sow capsule.

the album is protected

Sent you the password by e-mail. Used personal images as test images. Don’t want to put the password on the topic. You did not receive an email


can make a new test case with other images if You like

Yes, do that. That way, the developer, @Matthew and @Ben can weigh in.

kokatest - Myvo ehf is unprotected.

I made 5 identical copies that fill up the screen on my mac. Then the idea is to go down in size and see what happens. At the first change of copy 5, something happens that I don’t understand. The image does not fill the entire screen.

The image’s pixel size is set to 3360 x 2100 in backlight. My screen is set to 1680 X 1050. And image 5 with a crop of 4826 X 3016 pixels should, according to my understanding, fill the entire screen.

Can you check this and explain what I might be thinking wrong


I looked at one image, the pixel dimensions are 6192 x 3870

Is this not the same issue already discussed in Kookaburra Essay vs Pangolin Essay - #13 by Matthew?