External URL

I am using another site to host my Galleries for Print purchases. I tried to add a menu item that says “Buy Print” and set it for url. I added the url from the other site and it keeps referring to my main site. the new site is https://gallery.newdawnphotography.com/. How do I put this in the menu?

Make sure you’re making the change to the correct menu set, in case you have more than one.
Make sure you save the menu set after any changes.
try clearing template and browser cache.

Can you add the link to the menu of your existing site?

this should be all you need to do as far as the menu is concerned:

Thats what I had originally.

the menu item to your prints for sale site isn’t appearing on your main site. can you add it?

Try clearing template cache from the link on the main Backlight dashboard

I see it on my screen. I even entered incognito mode and its still there. I also went back to my menu set and deleted it, typed save. and it will not go away. Is this a timing thing that will happen in a while?

this the what I am seeing in the menu bar of my website: http://www.newdawnphotography.com/www.gallery.newdawnphotography.com

was that supposed to be a screen shot? the url is strange

I’m not seeing a link to your prints site at all. What the name of the link? Maybe I’m just missing it.

Here is what is strange. I am using Firefox. I switched to Safari and Chrome and made the changes. it worked. but not with Firefox after I deleted the history and cleared the cache. So its fixed now, I think. Are you aware of any problems with Firefox? I make the changes then immediatly go back and the changes are not there.

I’m not seeing a link in your menu in either Firefox or Chrome. Is it part of the main menu?

yes. its showing up in all of them on my screen. However, Firefox does not direct me where I want to go.

That’s on this site: https://newdawnphotography.com/ ?

I’m looking in 6 different browsers and am not seeing it.

Ok. I just tried http://www.newdawnphotography.com/ and am now seeing it.

Just some confusion as I took the url from your prints page and just eliminated the gallery. part

all good.

To eliminate the possibility that others might come to your main site via https://newdawnphotography.com, you might think about changing your site URL to https://newdawnphotography.com/ and in the Privacy section of Settings, enable the https redirect.

I don’t really know why the menu item appears on the http://www. version of your site but not the https:// version.
Maybe Matt or Ben or someone else will have an insight on that.

so strange. I added https and now it works. Not sure where I went wrong.

It’s easy to overlook stuff like that (been there, done that…)

You can go back to sleep now. :slight_smile: :grinning: