Feature Request - Site Password

I think it would be a great feature for a personal site, that if a person wanted to restrict outsiders from accessing content, that BL4 could offer a site password. Something that was integrated and simple to modify/update. Just having a lot of photos with metadata on a personal site makes my desire to share a little less palatable when I hear concerns about privacy.

There are existent options to password protect individual albums and/or album sets. You’ll find passwording options available when creating or editing an album or set.

I know but I have hundreds of albums and people can come at the information from links they find on the web and bypass non-password-protected album sets/albums. I have two sites and one is more a family/personal site. What I was looking for was a more elegant way to control everything on my family/private site through one login screen for all directories below the main site folder. I am not a coder so I am not real excited about starting a trial and error approach to learning .htaccess as a solution. I was hoping a developer like you could provide a solution to this problem. I would gladly pay extra.

Create client accounts, and use the client management features to assign protected albums. Then you have one login screen, and users can then access all assigned albums.

Visitors should not be able to bypass login by “jumping” a protected set’s login with a direct album URL. If a set is protected, then all albums within it are also protected.

I just wanted to circle back around and let you know that I’ve had a little free add-on program called AuthPro. I had only put this add-on on my home page and the issue was that anyone could search for something and find the source page on my site. They applied a php add-on that covers the four basic folders on my site and this is a very good solution for me. All users are forced to authenticate on a separate page which does not affect the otherwise clean look of Backlight. The free version gives you a purple banner and to get rid of the banner, you have to have the paid version which costs $47.95, but to me, it was worth it.