Feedback Email

I need help (again). I’m running CR and I have feedback turned on. However, I’m not getting any mail when the feedback form is submitted. Suggestions?


Your host may not be sending out emails if the from address(yours) is not one from your domain.
See this

It can apply to hosts other than Bluehost

I lease a Linux server and provide hosting to others ( All mail services are up and running. I don’t have an issue with Cart sending email. I am just not getting email from the feedback forms.

Have you checked spam folders?

I’ve actually checked the server logs to see if any mail from the script arrived. I can’t find any evidence that it has.
As I said I’m getting mail from the Cart script but not the CR script.

@Ben will need to look into it.

Hi @Frank, are you seeing any outgoing emails in the server logs from either the Cart or CR?

Hi Ben,
Am I seeing any outgoing emails in the logs from Cart or CR? Maillog is so cryptic and really isn’t showing me the detail - just that connections were made (sessions) and terminated. What I can tell is that CART is sending email as expected.
Still, I can find no evidence that CR is sending mail. I would be delighted to provide you with credentials to the Backlight script so that you can investigate further. Just let me know how to get credentials to you confidentially.

Hi Frank, can you message me a Backlight admin login by clicking on my username followed by clicking ‘Message’?

Hi Ben,
Although it’s been months, I did message you some login credentials. I did a photoshoot for an important client and they’d like to finish the culling for additional edits. I don’t have any problems with Cart emailing me, the CR module won’t. Could it be that I need to set up the email forms in BL? At the moment I’m using a link to my main site for contact-us.

Hi Frank, I had a look through your Backlight admin and was able to successfully send and receive test emails. Once logged in as admin, can you visit Backlight and try tests with your main email and any others that you have? If you only change the “To Email” then that should be using the same email settings that Cart and CR emails are using.

Hi Frank, I’ve tested an invoiced checkout in the Cart, and I received the order confirmation straight away. It looks like it’s working again. I hadn’t changed anything in your settings.

Hi Ben,
As I mentioned in the post earlier, Cart works perfectly. It’s CR that doesn’t work. Would you take another look?

Oh! Apologies for the delay in replying. I do photography part-time so I don’t always check the associated email address as often as I should.

Hi @Frank, I’ve tested emails in CR by creating a hidden album and setting myself up as a client. I received the confirmation email after submitting my responses. Have you received an email at your address?

I will remove the album after we sort this out.

Yes! (doing a victory dance). THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!.

At least I know CR works and will send mail. I still can’t seem to get email from the existing albums. I did receive the CR response from your hidden album. Must be a configuration error on my part, but I don’t know how to fix it. I’m running TTG-Publisher.lrplugin 6.0.2 Your suggestions?

Hi Ben,
Just checking in to see if you have any suggestions on why none of my CR albums are sending email. I did get the email from the album you created. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong :frowning_face:

Have you tried creating any new albums since Ben created one?

Is the feedback appearing on the Backlight > Client Response > Feedback page?

Hi @Frank, looking at your site, the last feedback I can see was in early March. There hasn’t been any feedback submitted since my test. Can you describe how you’re been testing or using CR?

I have several albums available to clients on the site, some with CR enabled. The CR module appears to work. It confirms to the client that the message was sent. However, I can find no evidence that a message was actually sent to me. What’s unusual is that I did receive your email from the CR test album you setup.

I’ve been using Lighteoom Classic to generate the CR albums.