Feedback profile from lightroom not applying

Hi guys, the galleries I’m sending up from Lightroom always have the default feedback profile applied no matter which one I choose.

Changing the profile in Backlight admin works, but I would rather it came through with the correct profile.

Also, a bit of a feature request with the cover images. Would it be possible to get an option for “First image” in addition to random? I know you can pick an image, but this only works after the upload completes so it adds complication to the workflow. Random image works ok, but I would rather have a fixed image that my client can visually associate with the album.

I’m unable to reproduce the problem.

Is the Publisher plug-in up to date? (6.0.3)

Yes it’s running the latest version of the plugin.

Just tried another test gallery today and still has the issue.

have you tried creating new feedback profiles and seeing if they appear in the dropdown in Lightroom?

Yes the new feedback profile shows up in Lightroom.

I have created another test gallery with this new profile, when I assign the album to a client in Admin the default profile is again incorrectly selected.

This is sounding like it could be a Lightroom issue. Have you tried resetting the Preferences file? That can often clear up all sorts of Lightroom oddities.

Reset lightroom preferences and uploaded new album, no change.

One oddity, after resetting the preferences the plugin was not installed and I had to add it again.

which version of Lightroom are you using?

The obvious question I guess: are you clicking on Edit in the Edit Album dialog box after you’ve made the Feedback Profile change?

I’m applying the profile when creating the album, but I just checked changing the profile from lightroom and it has no effect, everything in Backlight has default profile no matter what I select in lightroom.

Hi guys, hope you had a nice break.

Just touching base about this issue again, I have two lightroom installs creating galleries using the plugin now and they both lose the feedback profile.

@Ben will need to take a look. He’ll likely need Backlight admin access and perhaps ftp access.

Thanks Rod, happy to supply the info to @Ben

Hi @trottsky, can you share a Backlight admin login via personal message, by clicking on my username then Message?
Can you also share an album that you had tried to set the profile for, and the client username that you know is seeing the incorrect profile?

What is you history with TTG products that have used CR? (e.g. first bought CE4, upgraded to Backlight3, or whatever it may be).