Filename as Breadcrumb?

Would like to use a photo’s filename as breadcrumb rather than title. Is this possible?

The only way I know of is to leave the metadata Title field blank. The image breadcrumb will then default to the filename.
There may be a phplugins solution but I don’t see a hook for breadcrumbs. Maybe @Matthew or @Daniel will have some ideas.

Thanks for the quick response, Rod. Was hoping for a solution other than not using the Title field. We make fairly extensive use of this field for photos we publish to Flickr, most of which are also published via Backlight. :unamused:

There are other ways to display the filename. You can use the caption area or the metadata panel in the album template. You could also use that phplugins function I referenced to display the filename above the image (and below the breadcrumbs).

And, as I mentioned above, Matt or Daniel may have other solutions. I started thinking of a way to use jQuery to do it, but quickly got my brain tangled.:slight_smile:

You can use phplugins to create the breadcrumbs.

A while ago, I wrote about adding breadcrumbs to non-gallery pages: Adding breadcrumbs to non-gallery pages (updated August 2020) – This could serve as a starting place. You can use $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] to extract the gallery path and then create the breadcrumbs trail from there.