Font size change for mobile device

First of all thanks for all the support. I think I have what Is an easy problem.
If I have a title in an Album Set/ /Main Copy/Markup field how would I have a mobile device call up a different font size of the title? I want that title for the Galleries page on a mobile device to be sized appropriately. I used some Markup and I need to change the font size and I’m not sure how to configure the other settings or if there’s a better way to accomplish this.

That’s going to fall into the realm of custom css.
You’ll need to use media queries to target mobile sizes.
Let us know if you need help with that.

OK. I’ll check it out. Thanks for your help.

Hello all,
I’m going to need more explicit instructions than the hyperlinked “custom css” link. Is there another source that could give me some details? For example, under Advanced Customization => Custom Stylesheet => Include File : file-name.css under the “Include File” field. Is that field empty because I need to upload a default CSS file?

You can start with the existing sample file if you with. It looks like the documentation needs to be updated. The sample files are locate at /backlight/modules/custom-resources/css/

I"d suggest just creating a new file in a plain text editor. Save the file as a .css file.

After adding your code, you can upload the file to the /backlight/custom/css/ folder on your site. Once you upload a file to that location it will be available to choose in the page template.

Thank you. Michael

Sure thing. Let us know if you need help with the code.