Footer Copyright - Too Long for Phone

Hi again,

I’ve extended my copyright text to include more than just my company name… was hoping to have the footer contain my contact information on every page, beside the copyright.

It works well on everything but my phone, in portrait orientation. Most of the time, it cuts off the text after “Copyright 2000 - 2021 company name, all rights” when it should extend through “reserved. Phone number 1 / Phone number 2” In landscape this is fine on my iPhone Xs and sometimes, after I make a minor change, such as adding a “Border-bottom” to it, it will load as two text wrapped lines, for a time, then stop doing so and cut it off again. I’m on iOS 14.latest, but not yet 15 on my phone… have tested using both Safari and Firefox with the same result.

Is there a way to fix this, within the confines of Backlight, or do I either live with it, or write some custom CSS? I’d prefer leave BL without CSS modifications for now, since I’m still working towards understanding the environment as it is intended to be…

Screen captures attached.

You may want to consider creating a custom footer. This requires using phplugins, html, and custom css.

I’ve got a tutorial here: