Force site to redirect

Maybe it’s a caching error, user error or Edge error but whenever I type “” (no parenthesis) into Edge’s search bar, I’m directed to “” (insecure site), Instead of “” (secure site).

What do I need to do to force to https:// (secure site)?

This can usually be accomplished via your host’s cPanel, or handled in the .htaccess file. I would first try to contact your host before trying to hack on this yourself. Hopefully they can solve it for you.

Help me out - what am I looking for in the control panel? Host is

Also, being somewhat adventurous, what’s the hack?

You have Automatically Redirect Browsers To https set to yes in Backlight Settings > Privacy, correct?

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This is important. But to be clear, this will help with HTTP => HTTPS, but will not handle WWW to not-WWW redirects.

Bluehost doc.

I do now. Yeah, that was the issue. Thanks :+1: