Formatting in Markdown

I presently compose the text on the EDIT ALBUM/PAGE CONTENT/MAIN COPY section like this, in HTML:
but now, I would like to “simplify” things by moving to Markdown.
So, I would compose the text like so:

I have two questions:
-do I need to keep the first three lines of the HTML code?
-the Markdown version of the text has more line spacing than the HTML version. How can I correct this, if at all?

You can’t put Markdown inside of html. So if you’re writing text for a multi-language site, it needs to be in html (at least the parts that are being used based on the language the viewer chooses)

the reason that Markdown has more spacing could have something to do with the html tags you’re using, like <small>

That code should notbe in the page copy (it’s already in the page code anyway, if you look at the page source code).
So you should remove it from the page copy.

I wrote the Markdown version from scratch, so there is no HTML code at all within it.
The ** are to have the text in bold.

If Markdown is written with regular (standard) line spacing, you get a continuous paragraphe, like this:

The only feasible line spacing in Markdown is 1.5:
But, my layout should be like this (written in HTML):

So, I guess I’ll stick with HTML.

the reason you’re getting the spacing with html on that page is that you’ve got a custom class assigned to the div that changes the line-height.
If you need that, then html it is.

I had forgotten about that. Thanks for pointing it out…

Everything Rod said above.

But also, you should NEVER be writing <html> in Backlight. We’ve done all of the page setup for you. You just write words.

I’ve been thru this with Rod. If I write the credits in Markdown, it seems easier.
But, I can’t get the formatting I want.
If I write with single interlines, the resulting text is laid out on a single line.
If I double the interline spacing in Markdown, the resulting layout has the interlines are farther apart and on the mobile, the whole design is broken.
See the above comments I posted.
So, unless using HTML in the Main Copy section in some way causes problems to the whole page, I think I’ll stick with the HTML.

using html is fine, just don’t use the <html> tag, that doesn’t belong in the copy section.

Sorry, I misunderstood Matthew’s comment. My bad.
I should then not enter <html lang="fr"> but
only keep <lang="fr">, right?

No. No. No.

You are writing content for the document body. Therefore, write your words.

The setup belongs in the document head, and the way you do that is be setting the language in your page template, in the Designer.

If you’re supporting multiple languages in one page, then you will need to use HTML, and the correct syntax is documented here:

Thank you, Matthew.
Since I am not planning on a multi-language site for the moment, I will remove the first line in the Page Content / Main copy sections: <meta charset=" UTF-8 ">
Should look like this, now:

Now, I still have the line height spacing on the page because of that custom class assigned to the div.

Hope I’ve got it right, this time.

That’s all acceptable.

For accessibility reasons, it’s typically better to use <strong> instead of <b>, but such a change is getting a bit pedantic.

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Your knowledge of these things is much greater than mine and thus, I feel I should consider your suggestion seriously.

I thank you, Matthew

P.S. I don’t suppose there is a way to make wholesale changes (<strong> for <b> ) in the page content area?

I’m kidding, of course.