Forum migration

I do not envy your work ahead migrating years of discourse from the old forum to this one. I hope you can find a way to bring everything over. Not long ago I encountered a new question which I recalled discussing several years ago and I was able to locate it and reference the previous discussion in my reply. GLWT.

I’m a big fan of the clean slate, so I’m unlikely to migrate those conversations into this space. If anything, I’ll try to move the old forum into a possibly temporary, read-only location for archival purposes.

I also think that while there’s good information to be had there, there’s a lot more outdated information that isn’t worth keeping. Sort of a situation where you’ve got to rummage through the landfill in search of the occasional treasure.

Agree some is outdated. On the other hand, a few users still mention CE4 in their posts. I turn to people like Rob and Tom to weigh in, but there is a gold mine of information in the old posts that I find saves me and others the bother of reposting a topic I’m sure has been addressed.

Sad puppy face.

Yeah, I hate to be callous about it, but I’m less concerned with CE4 than I used to be.

OK on CE4, I may have a bit overstated. Certainly, BL1 and BL2. My memory is slowly working and there was a recent discussion regarding conversion to https from http which we covered a few years ago and I referred the group to those older posts which avoided restating the places where odd stuff can happen.

Hope others weigh in before you make your final decision.


Just tell them to switch to BL 2 where setting up for https is just a matter of changing one setting in Backlight Settings. :wink:

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Well, a bit more complex if there are internal hard links and they all need changed.

There’s a setting that should redirect all http requests to https via .htaccess, so shouldn’t require any further explanation than Rod’s just given, assuming Backlight 2 or newer. :wink:

if using any inline images, then those links might need updating. But the hard part is done by Backlight: No need to futz with the .htaccess file.

Sometimes the menu links need to be updated as well when using custom urls that start with http://. If running a blog, the wordpress site url needs to be updated too (I run into this on my site not that long ago…)!

But if one uses internal links that are just /link/to/somewhere, then everything is fine!