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I’m trying to install my backlight copy to a second server so I can run my client files from a new host. My issue is I have been upgrading backlight ever since you can through the module in my first server but how do I upload a copy to begin a fresh install on the new server? I can’t find a link anywhere to Backlight 3 or 4?

Thanks Thom

Download the installer from your original order, or any upgrade order. Follow the install instructions, as usual. Use the same email address and order number. You may use Backlight on any website that you own, that is not for another user. We only require additional copies to be purchased when setting up a website for users other than yourself.

Got it working Thanks so much


You will find the help available here to be extraordinary.


Hi my Server went down(Bluehost) and I can’t get into my site to repair it or reinstall. I looked up where to find my password and its exactly as I thought. Frustrated, need to get this going. Can I reinstall backlight, if so I can’t find my order number. The install was using the email

Thank you and much appreciate all you do.


You’ll need your order number. @Matthew can provide that if you no longer have your order email.

And if you need to, you can reinstall Backlight by going to But you will need that order number.

For what it’s worth, your site ( is accessible and seems to be working.

Thank you. I do run a site just for clients. It was at Bluehost This is where I’m having the issue. It’s at Bluehost. My Main site is at Dreamhost. I have so many very large galleries for my weddings that I switched to Bluehost because of the storage issue with Dreamhost. It’s crazy. I promise them six months but frequently find t Brides searching for an entire year or more. Recently, I had a bride contact me telling me she lost everything in a fire, so I put hers back up and sent her a new drive. The wedding was three years ago. I thought I’d switch to Bluehost, but they’re talking about limiting storage and charging more.

As for the order number, I haven’t kept emails older than three years. So I can’t find my order number. And for some reason, It’s not in my Backlight file. I’ve had Backlight for many years. It used to be in my Dropbox, but not any longer.

Once again, Thank you, Rod, for always being there when it gets tough!

Just took a quick look at the myphotosbythom site and it seems to be working. Is it not working at all for you?

At any rate, once @Matthew sees this he should be able to send you your order number.

I’ve messaged Thom privately his order details.

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