Fresh new look

Hi Matt,
This is certainly a fresher looking interface. At some point I’ll have to give image uploading a go but it looks very promising

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Thanks, Tom. You’re our first registered user! I have high hopes this one will work out for us. I’m generally pretty happy with it so far, and I’m not sure we have many other options.

The old forum looked old even though it was a treasure trove of advice. The feel was definitely old bulletin board style so I hope this move pays off which I’m sure it will and even better if the management interface is stronger and more effective for you and the other moderators.
I’ll look into it more in the morning.

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Hello Matt - The new look is really slick - I love being able to reach all of the TTG pieces from one location. Quick question regarding the old Community Forum. It is really a treasure chest of ideas for things to try and for troubleshooting problems. Will it be available as an archive for us to reference? I assume the burden of trying to go through it and turn it into a searchable database of some type would be hugely resource intensive.

Terry Alexander

That’s a maybe at this point. I can’t leave it where it is. If I can migrate it without going insane, I’ll try to set it up as a read-only resource, at least for a time.

Understood - it is a daunting task after all these years! I’d rather see you working on new features for BL3.

It is a treasured resource for sure, but the help one gets through this forum is always good. Great job to you all.

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