Frozentime Images goes BL3

My web site has its origins in the '90s, and I dread to think how many 100s of hours I’ve spent upgrading and tweaking it since then, especially during its CE period where I fiddled a lot with php-plugins.
Which meant that another major rebuild wasn’t on the cards when a PHP upgrade forced me to take the BL plunge.
So I was delighted to find that by using the automated conversion, and a lot of defaults, I got a decent-looking site up and running in very little time. I can also quickly throw up new websites for local organisations that I’m involved with.
But I still struggle sometimes with knowing where to make changes. It’s not a criticism of the system, which I realise is perfectly logical, just that my brain isn’t organised in the same way, so I’m always wondering whether a piece of text belongs to an album, an album template, or a gallery, or a gallery template, or maybe a page or a page template. And having decided that, which one…
My simple, defaulty page is here :


Nice use of defaults, and I’m happy to hear they’ve helped you to get up and running quickly with what matters, the images.