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Hi, i really tried to do my research here and in manual but not getting smarter.

WHAT to chose, if i want to let clients download images in FULL size as i uploaded them?
WITHOUT having to upload them a second time in full size. i already up,load them in full size :smiley:

when i chose CUSTOM CREATE VIA PUBLISHER and choose 9999px, will it enlarge Images? thats my worry.

PS: Still looking for a Paid hand, who does my basic setup and gives me a 2-3hr onboarding. German preferred.

Thank You Oreste

That depends on what your definition of Full Size images is.

If it’s the same as what you set in the template under Image Renditions > Photos, then in the Downloads setting, in the Source drop down, choose Use photos rendition.

If you need larger (or smaller) images for download than what you set in Image Renditions, you can have Publisher create custom download sizes (up to 9999px) by choosing Create custom download rendition via Publisher. These will be jpg images.

If using Backlight Publisher rather than Lightroom Publisher, you will need to upload images at least as large as the largest size needed (for photo renditions or download)

Lightroom Publisher will not enlarge images. If you set the size to 9999px it will output a jpg the same size as the original image. (I just tested this to be sure)

If you need to have even larger images available for download, or other image file types, like .tiff files. Then use the Upload manually option in the drop down.

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Thank you, appreciate Rod your detailed answer.

First to your answer, what is full size for me: what i inititally drop in to backlight, thats fullsize.

so ist just set custom to 9999 and they will retain the original size as i dropped them in.

are previously uploaded originale sizes gone? or are they saved somewhere? can i recalculate them, or do i need to reupload?

thank you!!!

If you need different sized uploads you will need to republish the images if using Lightroom.
I’m not exactly sure if uploading with Backlight Publisher. Backlight won’t increase size of existing images but maybe it will recalculate to create smaller versions.
Test it out and see what happens.

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Backlight does not enlarge photos. If you set 9999 and you upload a 3000px photo, then your photo will be 3000px.

@Matthew And Backlight Publisher can’t resize existing photos to smaller size if the template rendition size changes to a smaller size, can it?

At present, Backlight does not update renditions based on template changes. They are only resized at time of publishing.