Galleria -- can it open to thumbnail view?


Is there a setting in Album > Templates > Design that will make a page open with the thumbnails showing instead of the main image?

Here is the page:

Thanks for any help.


I don’t see one.
But there may be a way to change the Galleria settings in the code. I’ve done that to change fade transitions before Matt added that control.

See if the Galleria section of this post helps point you in the right direction:

Thanks, Rod… I’m not comfortable changing code, so I’ll live with Galleria as is. It’s so clean, elegant and simple!

By the way, I haven’t needed to do anything in BL in quite a while. I’d (almost) forgotten how much fun it is!


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Backlight is pretty great!

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Is this what you are trying to do?

This could be tweaked further to show only thumbnails.

Hi Gary,

Yes, that’s generally what I’m trying to do. It look likes you are using the Pangolin Album which I have used extensively in the past. I agree that it is highly customizable. Now I prefer to use the Galleria Slideshow (even if it can’t be set to open to the thumbnail page).



Unless I am missing something (I am definitely not an expert) but it looks like the slide shows in both could be configured to look the same. You have some great photography there!

I don’t think you are missing anything. The two slideshows are indeed similar, but not identical. I prefer Galleria, but both display photographs very nicely.

Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed reviewing your work too.


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